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Leona's Sewing Studio is dedicated in loving memory to my lifetime friends...Erin Renee Carter, Pauline Denise Sanders Harris and Angela Helena Brooks James.  If they were around, I would receive all kinds of advice about fabric selection and design...I miss you like woman is an island. 

Our Philosophy

​​Leona's Sewing Studio is committed to the mental, physical health and well-being of all women. Our philanthropic activities include: our grass-roots gift basket distribution network {baskets are delivered to breast cancer survivors or those going through the stages of the disease throughout the year} and our "taking it to the street- 'Shows for a Cause' [fashion shows are the venue to raise awareness and financial support] for some of the highest challenges facing women today, breast cancer, cancer of the vulva, heart disease and depression.

Our Passion

​​Leona's Sewing Studio is passionate about ensuring that women are armed with  the knowledge  of  how important early detection and treatment are to the cancer success rate.  It is our belief that having the fundamental facts available  and a caring support system,  most women will seek the proper care and attention required to treat and  defeat cancer, heart disease and depression.


With improving technological break throughs and by maintaining a caring support system within our communities  - lack of knowledge  has  been removed as an obstacle facing women concerning  our health challenges.  For that we are most grateful. 



Our Call to Action

​​Leona's Sewing Studio  strives to be at the fore front of communications.  We strive to uplift our sisters at every level and every walk of life.


Sisters...remember to get that checkup, schedule the mammogram, and yes have that stress test! Take time to unwind from the many roles you take on.  Listen to your body and take immediate action.


If each of us would take one other woman's hand  through all of our challenges- providing to her  a source of strength,  we would not only increase our survival rate but in turn  be made whole.


          Each One - Touch One -Reach One. 


Erin Renee "Sissy" Carter

March 17, 1961 - May 13, 2004

Pauline Denise Sanders Harris

January 1, 1959 - January 15, 1999

Angela Helena Brooks James

September 24, 1968 - October 25, 2008

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