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Welcome Prospective Students! 

Whether you are a beginner, returning to sewing,

or simply enjoy arts & crafts, we invite you

to join our creative sessions. 

We cater to all ages (9-99 yrs) and all levels.  

We have "in person" and "virtual learning" sessions. 

We provide a monthly release of each project,

featuring the garment and pattern information.  

The release identifies our construction focus,

fabrics and techniques for the month.


You may also elect to pick your own project,

with pre-approval of course. 


We strive to provide a safe envirnoment by social distancing

and temperature checks.  Our studio is sanitized daily,

before and after each session.

We've always catered to a small class size, on purpose, 

ensuring our students the best experience possible. 

There are four (4) available seats in our studio. 

We are carrying those guidelines into our virtual platform

as well, with a maximum of eight (8) students participating. 

We have one single stipluation for YOU and that is to relax...relax...relax! 

Sewing is therapeutic! 


We hope you discover your personal style with us! 

It is certainly my honor to teach the lifeskill.


I enjoy the journey of

"Teaching America To Sew".



Monthly Project Release

Sewing Class Overview

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